Handling and stevedoring

We count with all means for manipulating all kind of cargoes



We offer our agency service to all kind of vessels, 24 hours per day, 365 days per year


Study and analysis of the most convenient way of chartering according to the necessities of the client


An exclusive department destined to the Management of containers traffic.


We carry out logistic studies in order to facilitate solutions to all operations requested by our clients


We offer an efficient service of customs agency in order assure that your goods arrive without any delay to its destination


We manage our own fleet of trucks and we offer our service to different locations


Shipping goods by airfreight to a wide range of sites


LOPEZ GUILLEN started its business activities in 1880 in the maritime sector and with the export of agricultural products.

Our business culture compromise us to listen and reply to our client’s necessities, offering prompt, efficient, and quality solutions in order to achieve their satisfaction.

The development of the company has converted into a holding, and we have changed problems into an opportunity to grow-up.


The GROUP LOPEZ GUILLEN is constituted by a holding of companies with vocation of growing and leadership in their two main lines of business: logistic services and the manufacturing and commercialising of construction materials, with fundamentally presence in the southeastern and the center of Iberian Peninsula.

We amplify and consolidate our services for giving response to a growing and more specific demand every day. For this we count with a professional staff highly qualified, oriented to cost effectiveness and clearly vocation to render the best service to the client



Compromised with Quality, environment and prevention of occupational hazards

Our company counts with the Certification ISO 9001, granting that all of our processes are monitored and comply with the requirements of such rule. On the other hand, we are committed with the environment through the ISO 14001 and with the prevention of occupational hazards through the Certification OHSAS 18001.


Servicios Centrales
Pza. Carlos Cano, s/n. 04006 Almería
Almería – España
Telf.:+34 950 620 620
Fax: +34 950 259 480

Oficina Puerto Almería
Recinto Portuario s/n 04004. Puerto Almería.
Almería – España
Telf.:+34 950 620 006
Fax: +34 950 231 302
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Oficina Puerto Carboneras
Muelle de Ribera, 1

Edif. Autoridad Portuaria.
Puerto de Carboneras
04140 Carboneras (Almería)
Telf.: +34 950 620 006

Oficina Puerto Motril
Muelle de Costa s/n

18613 Puerto de Motril (Granada)
Telf.: +34 958 601 658
Fax: +34 958 833 572